Twitter Chat reflection, Part 1


A couple of weeks ago, my Children & Technology class had its first official Twitter chat. I’m one of those people that has put off having a Twitter presence for years and ignored most social media except for Facebook, which, let’s face it, is the minimum requirement these days. I have never used Twitter or been part of a Twitter chat before, so it was (still is) a huge learning curve.

Our professor emphasized in class how many educators and professionals are now using Twitter as a means to network and share resources, which was honestly something I had neither heard nor thought about before. I figured everyone was still just using LinkedIn and email. As a twenty-something, it’s not that often I have to play catch-up technology-wise, but here goes!

Our class used TweetChat with the hashtag #CLD419Tech so that we could keep track of our each other and our tweets and filter out irrelevant content. As I mentioned, I had never been part of a Twitter chat before and was overwhelmed almost immediately. We have a class of about forty people, and the tweets were rolling in faster than my slow fingers could keep up. At first, I panicked because I couldn’t figure out how in the world a discussion could happen like this, with tweets seemingly flying in a dozen a minute. After a while, however, I slowed down and decided to take my time scrolling through what my classmates were contributing and to look for something relevant to share as well.


It was honestly amazing how enthusiastic and engaged people were to share and discuss with each other. Even with the best classroom dynamic, that kind of energy was not something I have experienced often.

Our Twitter chat was set to be an hour long, and time absolutely raced by! We have another Twitter chat class coming up, and anticipation for that one, I will have my resources organized and accessible, so I don’t have to scramble once the chat begins. Most of the resources we exchanged were articles and videos centered around professional and personal development, as well as a few useful educational app recommendations.

Excited for Twitter Chat, Part 2!

(Image credits: me via Twitter and TweetChat)