Educational Games Roundup

For a reading reflection assignment for my Children & Technology course, I had to read two articles discussing the importance and benefits of digital game-based learning (DGBL). According to Shapiro, SalenTekinbas, Schwartz, and Darvasi (2014), using game-based learning as an educational tool encourages collaboration, problem solving, understanding of relationships, and mastery of concepts.

I found the idea of digital game-based learning all rather new and intriguing, so I decided to compile a few games and resources that can be used as educational and constructive tools, in either school or home settings. I sifted through some of the sites Shapiro et al. (2014) had recommended in the article and this what I came up with!


  1. DreamBox features over 2, 300 game lessons that are designed to develop problem solving skills, critical thinking strategies, and math fluency. Educators can track students progress and make the lessons accessible in either English or Spanish. For one child at home, pricing is $12.95 per month; school pricing varies according to the number of children and comes in bundles.
  2. DragonBox 5+ is an app that’s designed to keep children the rules of algebra in a creative and learn-directed way. DragonBox 5+ first uses pictures rather than numbers or variables to make the concepts easier to understand. Children use the rules to solve puzzles and learn through trial and error. DragonBox 5+ is accessible on mobiles, tablets, and computers for $4.99.
  3. World of Goo is a Nintendo Switch game that’s focused on physics-based puzzle and construction. Globs of live goo are used to build bridges and structures. World of Goo is $9.99 on Nintendo.
  4. Bugs and Bubbles is a wonderful app for young children that helps develop their knowledge of colors, balance, letters, counting, shapes, patterns, sorting, and more. Detailed graphics, calming music, and advanced interactivity appeals to children’s senses and imaginative play. Bugs and Bubbles is available on the iTunes store for $3.99.
  5. Tell About This is a platform to inspire and capture children’s stories through word and photo prompts promotes children’s re-telling and imaginative skills. It’s easy to use and easy to share children’s thoughts and voices. Tell About This is available on the iTunes store for $3.99.

(Image credit: DreamBox)


5 thoughts on “Educational Games Roundup”

  1. Hello!
    I share a similar viewpoint of how game-based learning can benefit children and enhance their skills! Thank you for creating a list of applications. I am looking forward to explore them myself further and introducing them to children. I am wondering if there are any applications available that are free of charge that are just as useful! I guess we will have to continue exploring!


    1. Hi,

      Thank you for your comment! I did try to find free applications, but unfortunately most resources that are high quality, interactive, and educational will also have a price tag attached. If I do come across anything in the future, I’ll be sure to share it within our group!


  2. Hey! Thank you so much for sharing these resources. From our course readings, i gathered that finding games that are developmentally age and level appropriate for children is very important. Games need to have a purpose and goal and as many of our readings state…games aren’t replacements for education but rather used as enhancements. great list!


  3. Whoaaaa! Thanks for these resources! It’s really great! I think I might have to bookmark this page for future use. The games sound so exciting. Will also be recommending it to my cousin’s children! I think these resources stir away from the “regular” and mainstream games they have out there. Thanks again!


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